Premium cake online delivery

GoTasty is proud to present collaboration with Marriott. For the first time ever, you are now be able to order a premium Marriott cake and get it delivered to your home or office.

Quality and customization meets.

With this new collaboration, you will not only be able to order Marriott's signature cakes at no additional cost. (same as if you visit the baker yourself) You will also be able to indulge in our new collaboration GoTasty Marriott photo cakes. Get the best of both worlds!

GoTasty Marriott Special - Customized Photo Cake

It is now possible to enjoy the premium quality cake that Marriott's Chocolate Cake Company is known for... AND make it unique to your special occasion, while ordering it online for delivery.

Place your order with GoTasty and send us your OWN images to put on the photo cake!

Special Offer - 1500 Baht